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bitkom Talk - From Auditor/Reporting Monkey to Trusted Advisor

Today I was invited as a guest Speaker to present at one of bitkom's* Digital Analytics & Optimization working group meetings, to talk about the journey "From Auditor/Reporting Monkey to Trusted Advisor". I really enjoyed the fruitful conversation between professionals within Germany's Analytics community.

My key topics for the talk where:

  • Where - The field of tension between Business and IT

  • What - The right balance between Hard and Soft Skills

  • How - The right mix between Controlling/Reporting and Consulting

On purpose some of my statements where kept simplified, binary and bold in order to spark an engaging conversation about our profession as Digital Marketing Analysts and adjacent ones like Data Science or Business Analysis.

Below you can find the full slide-deck.

* Germany’s digital association and represents more than 2,600 companies of the digital economy

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