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Webanalytics consolidation at scale - Podcast Interview (German language)

Updated: May 31, 2020

Whenever you are accountable for marketing analytics of a large number of digital assets (e.g. >500 websites) you will have to consider how to consolidate your tool landscape in order to achieve business consistency and reduce your workload.

On thing is clear - when globally centralizing marketing analytics tools and processes within your organization this might not necessarily be perceived as positive for all of your local stakeholders. They might get the feeling they are loosing control and speed. Maik Bruns host of the German Webanalytics Podcast "Sendung mit der Metrik"and I discussed how you can counteract and make people understand that analytics consolidation will also have benefits for them.

If you are curious to hear how this can be managed and learn about potential roadblocks you might need to bypass when consolidating marketing analytics tools and processes you should definitely listen to: "Webanalyse- Konsolidierung im großen Still"

All information regarding this episode and all others can be found one:

A big thank you to Maik for having me on the show.

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