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Webinar with ObservePoint - Scaling & Automating Data Governance

As an Analyst one of the most important things to consider is the validity of your data because if your data is not correct your conclusions might be wrong as well. Even if you are like myself and do not perceive data quality assurance being the most interesting part within the Digital Analytics process, you have to admit it is a critical success factor for driving marketing analytics (actually any kind of analytics). I had the opportunity to conduct a webinar together with ObservePoint about Scaling & Automating Data Governance and if you want to see how we managed data governance for more than 500 websites you should definitely watch below video.


  • Why you need a tag governance process and what it could look like.

  • Learn how ObservePoint can help to manage a large scale of digital assets.

  • See how Boehringer Ingelheim used ObservePoint for 550+ websites.

Key Takeaways:

  • You have to have a governance process in place for your tags.

  • Automate as many steps as possible (e.g. ObservePoint).

  • Define a clear set of success measures (KPIs) for your governance.

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